Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kous Kous

We had a lovely dinner in Kous Kous on Saturday and I had to mention it.

The only downside of the evening was that it was jam packed in there, with only one waiter! I always worry about them deciding to call it a day, but it was pleasant, if a little annoying, to see one of our favourites packed!

We always start with the delicious sampler platter. There are a variety of carrots, olives, baba ganouch and other dips to go with warm and comforting toasted pita.

After that, the boys are big fans of the Lamb Tanjia. This is lamb cooked in a clay pot for something like 11 hours, with lemons until it is falling to pieces. They also love the sausages and probably virtually anything with lamb in! I like the salmon and the veggies there, but this time I was stuffed from earlier and decided on the chick pea and lentil soup, which was delicious as usual, and seasonal veggies with pita.

The cous cous is always beautifully cooked, topped with a few raisins and nuts, as you'd hope their namesake would be.

The dessert is always the rose scented creme brulee, a little cliched, but perfect in execution. I'd love to see them branch out a little with the desserts, but maybe everyone is too full of deliciously spiced meats and cous cous for them!

Usually the chef comes out for a long chat but this time he was swamped!

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