Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sipz Vegetarian Cafe

For lunch today we decided to make a foray out the Sorrento Valley Food Court (woohoo!!). I think it is almost an extension of Qualcom but no one stopped us for not being an employee!
I had a pho with 'beef' strips and a boba iced tea. I got what I think mmyoso would call a small amount of salad to throw in it then a very small side salad. The whole thing came to $10.67.
I was very excited to try pho as I dont eat meat, so I cant have the normal stuff, this was nice, I gather the thing to do is throw all the salad stuff in with some hot sauce and I had some hoisin too for good measure. It was fairly bland until I added the chilli, then it was SPI-CYYYY!! Lots of noodles, very filling and it made my belly feel all warm and nice. The boba was just an experiment, kind of addictive but not sure why as the tapioca balls dont taste of anything.
My companion had a scary dayglo orange 'chicken' dish with some bland mushroom spring rolls. All ok but a bit synthetic tasting.
I'll definitely be back to try the indian place, Sitar, there was a gigantic line there and the paneer dishes are always my favourite, there were several to choose from. If anyone has ever been there then please let me know how it was!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, I didn't know there was one in Sorrento Valley - I'll have to make my way over there!