Thursday, June 12, 2008

My first meme!

I thought I'd actually have a go at one of these things, being as dolores was nice enough to tag me.
What was I doing ten years ago?
In 1998 I was working at SmithKline Beecham as a chemist in sunny (ha) Harlow, Essex, UK. I went on a wonderful 4 week trip with my brother around Egypt and Israel.

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today?
1. Finishing this post.
2. Riding 2500ft climbing or more on my bike up soledad mountain and then home
3. Getting ready for my daring bakers assignment
4. Watching Top Chef
5. Having a cocktail

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. cookies
2. oat bars
3. cakes
4. brownies
5. well anything, really!!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Quit my job and go to culinary school.
2. Pay off the mortgage and maybe move to the top of the hill, where its nicer!
3. Go and see my brother for christmas in Melbourne, Australia, and my friends in England whenever I feel like it!
4. Save lots of unwanted pets
5. Establish a homeless charity that doesnt involve religion.

Places I have lived:
1. San Diego, CA
2. Bishops Stortford, England
3. London, England
4. Hove (actually) england
5. Birmingham, England

Jobs I have had:
1. Medicinal chemist
2. Bag packer/clerk at safeway
3. toner orderer for canon
4. checker at yellow pages
5. making sandwiches at a sandwich factory (didnt eat sandwiches for months!!)

Sharing the love... (Tag, you're it)
anyone who's interested!!

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