Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boozy black forest trifle

Cherrapino got me all excited about making a black forest trifle. I picked up some beautiful cherries from smit orchards at the farmers market. With all the cakes I've been making, I've always got plenty of cake scraps, so I layered some chocolate fudge cake, drizzled with kirsch, added a layer of chocolate custard, cherry and whipped cream with a little shaved chocolate. Yum!!

Chocolate Custard Dairy Book of Home Cookery

Enough for 4 small trifles

150ml milk

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

2 egg yolks

15g sugar

30g dark chocolate, melted

Whisk together milk, vanilla and eggs. Warm on a low heat until the custard coats the back of a spoon. Add melted chocolate and stir together. Cool before adding to the trifle.

I also made a trifle in a jar for my friend as a surprise!


Justin said...

this looks way too good to be so easy

caninecologne said...

those look so cute! and they look really easy to make too...great post JW!

Mini Baker said...

These are cute! Perfect individual portion! Happy Baking to a fellow San Diegan :)
-Mini Baker

Jenniffer said...

Just found your blog and I must say that your treats look super scrumptious! And I'm really jealous of the food challenges and blogger meet-and-greets in your area. I SO wish I could get something like that going my little acre of the forest!


Jessica's Realm said...

These look yummy! I won't be taking any more culinary classes.. :( I need to work on my general classes and I'm taking web design Fall semester.

Nicisme said...

That chocolate custard looks dreamy! I adore that Dairy Cookery book, so many good, easy recipes in there.
You've got me wanting cherries now...LOL!