Monday, September 14, 2009

Daring cooks make masala dosa!

What an interesting challenge this month! The dish is of Southern Indian origin. When I travelled in India I didnt really enjoy masala dosa, but that may have been that they are traditionally served for breakfast, which just didnt appeal!
These were delicious. It was fantastic and rich and totally vegan, we really didnt miss the animal products here. My husband doesnt usually enjoy my curries, but the dosas mopped up the sauce and he was very impressed, so this may be added to my rotation. I think in the future I'll make big batches of everything and then it will be just a case of reheating the dish. I followed the recipe almost exactly, I got a bucketload of the coconut sauce, it will last for weeks!
Please visit Debyia for the recipe and her approach to the dish.


Simon said...

I like the way you plated this up.

The colour of your curry sauce was quite different from mind, which I found interesting. Mine ended up being a yellow-brown while you're looks more reddish. Perhaps more chili in your curry spice mix?

Marian said...

Gorgeous photo! Glad I found your blog. :-) Looking forward to your posts!

Mary said...

Your dosas are beautiful. I'm glad your husband enjoyed them.

Lauren said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge!! Your dosas look amazing =D.