Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Foodie Swap

Thank you so much to Laura for organizing this! I partnered with Erin in Boston, who shared some amazing stuff with me, maple syrup, pancake/waffle mix, ginger jam, cranberry honey and some beautiful fall cookie cutters, dishes towels etc. So generous!
I was a little embarrassed with what I'd sent off, I made some little pumpkins out of marzipan which I thought would go great as toppers for pumpkin cupcakes, so I popped in a recipe and added some halloween cupcake cases and homemade caramel syrup for decorating. I put in some spices to give a fall scent upon opening, and added some 'world peace cookies' from Dorie Greenspan's recipe, and a little hand painted bowl from guadalajara, mexico that I found at my local farmers market


Anonymous said...

Jenny, I thought your package was great, I put the beautiful bowl out on to my coffee table with the spices still inside, they smell great. I ate all of the chocolate cookies by myself and my favorite fall flavor is anything pumpkin (donuts, muffins, eggnog, cake, etc). I thought the little marzipan pumpkins were great and am using them tomorrow to make pumpkin cupcakes, I cannot wait to taste the caramel sauce. Thanks Again, Erin

adozeneggs said...

That looks like an awesome package!! Love the hand made pumpkin toppers.
Thanks for participating and doing such a great job!