Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 in 10 update!

I'm supposed to update how I'm getting on with my healthy eating and weight loss project and I'm a little late! Here's a picture of a pretty fruit plate for inspiration!

The first week has gone really well. I've found myself just getting back into a good routine, and I've tried to start using www. to track how much I'm eating to make sure I'm on track and keep myself accountable.

My weight seems to fluctuate by a couple of pounds from day to day, so its hard to tell whether I'm actually losing weight, but I think it seems to be constistently slightly lower than it was last week. I'll continue to try and weigh myself daily to get a good sense of what is going on.

My hairdresser really inspired me this week, she's 8 months pregnant so she's carrying a lot of extra weight and she just cant wait to have that extra weight that she's carrying around gone so that she can move around more easily and feel less fatigued. I know being pregnant is very different, but I think its a good thing to keep in my mind, that I will feel so much more comfortable if I lose 20lb.

The exercise is going well, I managed to go to the gym twice, train on my bike 2 days, have a rest on friday and then did a 55 mile bike ride with the team in the beautiful hills of san diego county.

Weight loss: 1lb Total weight loss: 1lb


Jacqueline Butler said...

Congratulations on setting your health goals and starting to work towards them! I am very impressed with your 55 mile bike ride, BTW...awesome!

Leanne said...

That fruit plate does look inspiring! So colorful...

I've never used Sparkpeople, but I track my weight and calories with Daily Plate on My weight is always bouncing around by a couple of pounds, but by entering it in every day, you can pull up the chart and see the downward trend (hopefully, it's a downward trend).

aubrey said...

Excuse my food ignorance here, but what is that white fruit with the black specks? :)

Jennywenny said...

I think its a dragon fruit! I'm trying to channel that vacation now that its miserable and pouring with rain!