Sunday, January 16, 2011

Foray into gardening!

One big project in our new house is getting the garden sorted. We've inherited a pretty normal San Diego garden, with lawns both front and back.

We allowed those to die back in the summer, so they are mostly weeds, and we're looking for ideas for a replacement. I'd like a succulent garden at the front, and at the back, we'll probably have a deck, and then some terracing with fruits and veggies.

One fantastic resource we have is the Cuyumaca Low Water Garden. Its a beautiful place to visit, with lots of fun activities for kiddies, and a wealth of information on how to create a low water garden.

There are sections explaining how to create rain and waste water collection systems, and on how to irrigate most efficiently, and even advice on lawns, if you insist on having one.

I liked the ideas about vegetable gardens. I know there are tons of bunnies here, so we'll need to have enclosed veggies to stop them nibbling my lettuces! They had a really nice raised bed with a little chicken wire enclosure.

The shop was closed when we visited, but the nursery was open, I saw lots of very reasonably priced plants for sale, we'll be returning in the future to check out the shop and to get more ideas as we embark on our landscaping projects!

I'd highly recommend a visit if you're thinking of changing your garden for some more water-wise choices for your garden.
There are also lots of lessons to help you with your green fingers!

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