Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eating out-La Vache

Well, we've recently revisited one of our local favorites, La Vache in Hillcrest. Its so close that it would have to be pretty bad for us to stop visiting. The restaurant is a nice cosy little bistro and is usually fairly busy, although they dont allow reservations for less than 4.

They definitely have their positives and negatives, on the plus side, they have delicious crusty bread with a lovely soft interior, with delicious chive butter. They also have a reasonably priced wine list. We find that the service is variable, despite the fact we've been visiting frequently for over 2 years now!!

Its the kind of place that we always order the same thing, the boys just love the charcuterie plate. It comes with some fairly average brie, a lovely pate, and a few different salamis. There is a really nicely dressed bit of salad on the side.

The boys always have exactly the same thing, steak au poivre with fries, medium rare. Its served more on the french side of medium rare and they never order anything else. They feel that there is no point ordering this dish anywhere else, la vache is without equal. The fries are very thin and just perfectly seasoned and cooked.

I order all kinds of different things, the shrimp and scallop salad is delicious, I've had their gnocci and pizza and the fish is ok. I often order the scallops on pastry with a saffron sauce, although I'm always a little disappointed by the over-use of saffron.

We've tried all of the desserts on the menu and they all seem to be from the freezer, bought from outside with the exception of the crepes, which were rubbery. The lemon tart is passable, creme brulee is orange flavored although its not mentioned on the menu. I'd advise going elsewhere.

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