Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging-Tina in the box

As soon as I've got my groceries out of a box it becomes Tina's. For some reason she thinks that as long as she's in the box she's impervious to everything. Being a flighty little thing, she has quite a few things that she's scared of, including tin foil, kitchen timers, vacuum cleaner, my bike etc. As soon as she finds a box to sit in she feels safe.

Its weird inheriting a cat at 4 years old as we have no real knowledge of those 4 years. We get a surprise every now and then, we realised this week that she understands exactly what a pill box is and doesnt like pills!!


Pia K said...

There is something very special about cats and boxes, and it seems like the smaller the box, the bigger the cat and the better it is:)

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

many cats love boxes and mine feel very safe in them too . just like your Tina.
puurrs and hugs Kashim & Othello

sher said...

She's a doll!!! I know that feeling of wondering what happened to your cat before you got them.