Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Shower Fun!

I had a request for a cake for a baby shower. The mother to be wanted just a good chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. This was nice and straightforward, I decided on the 'cake bible' fudge cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream. I'd experimented with fondant so I was ready to take on a big cake, which is always good for these themed parties. I got to work with some gumpaste and made some pacifiers and ducks. I learned that gumpaste is only good for disks and flowers, not big forms, it dries too quickly. After some experimentation I realized that its better making figures with fondant. Always learning!
I was captivated by the teddy bear cookies that Mele Cote had on her blog and thought this would complement the cake nicely. I didn't have chocolate chips, so I piped the eyes and the nose and mouth with chocolate icing. They were a big hit. I tasted them a few days later and they were a bit bland, I'd probably kick up the spices and also try to change the contrast a little more as I could hardly tell between the dark and the light dough. I also realised I could have used golden syrup instead of corn syrup which would definitely help with the flavor!


adozeneggs said...

I love the cake, the duckies are so cute.

Jacque said...

Aaaah, those are just too cute! which is perfect for a baby shower. Nice job!

Chris said...

The cake is lovely! And your cookies look fantastic. Thanks for the shout out! :)