Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've really been slacking off in terms of keeping up with this blog, I love sharing my recipes and thoughts. Hopefully after this weekend I'll have more time. I've been so busy making cakes for people I haven't had time to share any recipes, so I thought I'd share some here, and feel free to check out my flickr page to see more.

I made some thomas the train cakes this weekend for a lovely little boy. I think they went down quite well from the party photos. Thanks to flickr user hello naomi for the inspiration

I also had a couple of requests for polka dot cakes for people, they were very specific about the colors. My fondant technique is getting much better and I dont have to worry about hiding stuff quite as much these days!!

Another fun project was some tiffany boxes. I took a starburst chew, encased it in a thin layer of chocolate and topped with a bow. These adorned the super delicious raspberry chocolate cupcakes. A bit fiddly as they are very fragile, but super delicious

I used a similar technique for these baby blocks, I also got to use my new extruder to make the piping. Its going to be a very handy tool!

A real version of the present cake I made recently:

And my entry for the san diego cake club competition. I was really happy with this, but it obviously didnt wow the judges. Oh well, more practice!

And some carrot cupcakes for the delightful twins celebrating their first birthday. From the pictures it looks like they finished the whole cakes!


caninecologne said...

hi jennywenny
the thomas train cupcakes are so cute! i also liked your polka dot cake.

i'd love to order a cake from you in the near future. in fact, my 40th is coming up. could you please email me at: ?

lyndsay said...

adorable stuff!!! love it! thanks for visiting my blog :)

Kristin said...

i absolutely LOVE that polka dot cake!! those colors are great too!

adozeneggs said...

Oh my, everything is adorable! You've been busy!
Love the Thomas cupcakes, I once made Thomas cookies and the face didn't come out right. They looked like demon train cookies.
Not good.