Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daring Cooks make gnocci!

A new phase in the daring kitchen started this month, the daring cooks! I decided to join. We'll see if I manage to stick it out for the long haul, things are so hectic that it might just fall by the wayside.

I was really happy when I saw the challenge, gnocci! We love gnocci so I was really looking forward to it. Its actually ricotta gnocci, something I've not tried before.

I was very happy with my local fresh and easy, their ricotta was in a little basket already draining, which really saved me some time!

I was a little disappointed with these, they were very bland. I wish I'd gone ahead and added much more flavor, I decided to go easy on the extras this time. The texture was also a little wierd.

I sauteed some garlic, added a little cream and tossed the cooked gnocci in it.

This was a really fun challenge and I'll definitely be trying making gnocci again, I'd love to recreate the delicious pumpkin gnocci we had in belluno, italy. I remember eating 5 pieces and finding it was enough to fill us to bursting!

Please visit the Daring Kitchen for the recipe and more takes on this delicious meal!

Thanks so much to creampuff and liz for the challenge!


abby said...

'tis sad you didn't like them much but the pumpkin version sounds good - i wonder how these would respond if you added pumpkin puree...

Debyi said...

wow, pumpkin gnocchi sounds really good. I'm sorry yours were bland. The sauce sounds yummy though. They look great too!