Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daring Cooks Potstickers

The june challenge for the daring cooks was chinese dumplings/potstickers from one of my favourite bloggers, Jenyu at use real butter.

This was a really fun challenge for us. We made them together, which was unusual but very enjoyable as we sipped sake, mixed up the dough, and the filling and then took it in turns to roll out and shape the little potstickers. It was also a lot easier and quicker than I expected.

Since I dont eat meat I improvised a little with the filling. I halved the recipe, taking a tin of crabmeat, a tin of water chestnuts, an egg and some panko breadcrumbs in addition to the cornstarch and chopped scallions. I added a little soy sauce and siracha for flavor.

We decided on the fried route since we knew that would be tasty! It was totally simple. I'm glad I have a nonstick pan! Thankfully I've already had experience with caramel, so it wasnt too much of a shock when the water boiled up. We were also in luck that a saucepan lid fitted the frying pan perfectly!

Thanks so much Jen for this great idea, we'd never have tried this if it wasnt for you, I'll be making these for guests sometime soon! Very impressive looking recipe that is much easier than it sounds!!

Here are the assembled stickers

Fry for a couple of minutes

Very carefully adding the water

Pop a lid on

Cook for another 2-3 minutes to dry out a little


Lisa Michelle said...

Beautiful dumplings! Perfect shape and pleats. Nicely done!

Jen Yu said...

How awesome!! You did such a nice job (and I like your choice of filling - crab! mmmmmm). I am so proud of you. They look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Your potstickers are so beautifully pleated, too. I really loved this challenge - as did my family.

Mary said...

Wasn't this a great challenge? Your potstickers look wonderful. Have a great day.T

Audax said...

What a great job you did and I did crab also!! The pleating is so good I'm impressed what can I say but Bravo! Cheers from Audax

Anonymous said...

Your potstickers look beautiful. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that more people didn't use crab. Did you use blue crab?

Melissa said...

Great job improvising with the filling!

Jennywenny said...

Cool, thanks everyone!
My husband was very happy that his potstickers were neater than mine!

We just used tinned crabmeat :blush:! Cheap and cheerful in this corner

Lauren said...

Gorgeous dumplings!! Your filling sounds wonderful =D. Great job on this challenge!

ice tea: sugar high said...

Absolutely stunning! Those crispy bottoms are spot on. Well done

caninecologne said...

nice job there JW!

potstickers are one of my fave things to eat! (not make! ha ha, too lazy).