Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foray into Sugarwork with Orchids

I had the pleasure this weekend of meeting up with one of my cake classmates and going for a sugar class with the immensely talented and busy Tami Utley.

It was a lot more involved than I realised, and I was pretty exhausted by the end, but now that I look at the end product, I'm really happy with it and its great learning a new skill.

These flowers are made on wires, so they are not technically food safe and the wire shouldnt actually touch the cake, so one has to make sure it is placed in a plastic flower holder.

I hope someone wants me to make them a pretty flower cake soon as I'd love to practice my new skills!!

Tami does lots of different classes, at Do it with icing, and also privately, as well as on DVD. I'd love to hear from people as to how they've got on with DVD lessons as its not a medium I've tried.


Kristin said...

Oh my god! That is beautiful!!! What type of prior experience do you think is needed before taking a class like that?

Jennywenny said...

I dont think you really need any experience for these classes although some people are better than others.

If you're a little bit clumsy it can be very frustrating as the gumpaste is very fragile!

Pearl said...

hi there! i found your blog through another's and was pleasantly surprised to see that you're from san diego! i am, too!
and that sugar class looks so FUN! the flower looks great!

caninecologne said...

hi JW! that Cattleya orchid (at least that what I think it is) looks amazing! how fun it is to learn how to make something so gorgeous!

adozeneggs said...

That is amazing!
I hope someone orders a cake with sugar flowers too, so I can see what you come up with!!

Nicole said...

I really want to take the beginning cake decorating class sometime. I really don't have any cake decorating skills at all, but I'd love to learn! That flower is absolutely amazing!!

annie :) said...

Love it, so pretty! I just need an excuse to need another cake from you ;)

Almost Vegetarian said...

That's funny! A short while ago I took a baking class and discovered I liked working with frosting. Even better, I discovered I was good with it.

Sure, no where near as elaborate as your beautiful work, but, then, hey, I'm a culinary school student, not a baker!