Thursday, February 4, 2010

My New Years Resolutions

I thought I'd mention how I was doing with my New Years resolutions. Of course I joined up with many other people in trying to lose weight, and its been a steady decline, resulting in around 5lb lost in the month of January. I've promised myself a big shopping trip when I make it to 10lb as my clothes are horribly 'daggy' (as the Australians would say) and I need a change!

My other resolutions were to take a photo each day, here's a little collage of them. I've put them all on my flickr page to share. That has gone very well, I'm really enjoying being creative, and its really helped me with living in the moment, and seeing beauty in everything around me. Thanks to the lovely Barbara for getting me started on this!

A third resolution was to be more sociable. This has gone really well too, I've met up for lunch with a fellow cake enthusiast, jacqueline, I've joined the San Diego Cake Club and attended their meeting and I've been to a party with a bunch of people I'd mostly only met online. Each of these interactions has been extremely rewarding and has reminded me that I do like meeting new people, so hopefully this will continue as the year goes on.

If anyone else is interested in joining the San Diego Cake Club, meetings are held at 'Do it with Icing' in Clairemont, on the first Monday of the month. Its a great way to meet other cake enthusiasts, they also have demos, so its also a good way to learn and share.


Jacqueline Butler said...

Hi Jenny! Thought I would leave a comment about how wonderful it was to have met up with you for lunch too! Congratulations on your resolutions...I admire your ongoing efforts! : ) Hope to see you soon!

caninecologne said...

hi jw - i've been enjoying your picture series (one a day) - what a cool idea!