Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweets for my sweet

Unfortunately, my sweet wouldnt be the least bit interested in these delectable treats since he doesnt have a sweet tooth, but I've been baking up a storm for my fundraiser for my upcoming bike ride, so this is what lots of other sweethearts will be getting, a delicious raspberry chocolate almond cupcake with a whipped raspberry chocolate ganache. Mmmm. Perfect for valentines!

Lots has been happening around here. I decided to create a facebook fanpage for my cakes, since I've had so much fun with them. Become a fan if you'd like and you can catch up with all my adventures in cake making!

I've been so busy I havent had a minute to think, let alone share fun recipes and information so my poor little blog has been sitting here waiting. Hopefully things will calm down soon, but the next few weeks will be a whirlwhind, what with training and fundraising for my bike ride, skipping over the pacific to see my dear brother in Melbourne (hopefully sneaking out to meet other cake enthusiasts!) and then the bike ride in Solvang I've been training all this time for.

I say I think things will calm down, but I know they wont. Thankfully I thrive on being busy and I'm pretty happy these days!


caninecologne said...

Happy Valentine's JW.

That's a lovely plate for the cupcake by the way. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Hearts Day!

SweetThingsTO said...

Hope you had a nice weekend! I just joined your fan page - look forward to your updates!

jef said...

Too bad your sweet wasn't into the sweets. Looks like you have plenty of fans that want to eat them so not all is lost.

I'm still open for a San Diego meetup, we should all invade a small restaurant or something...