Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fish Taco Tour!!

What a fun way to spend an afternoon! The folks from Chevy have a really fun program where they collect a bunch of local food bloggers and writers and go on a tour of the towns 'best of'. Other fun events have included street food in San Francisco and cupcakes in LA.

We were treated to the best fish tacos in San Diego, lots of fun!

We were also shown the range of the chevy vehicles and encouraged to drive them. I was a bit scared to be honest, but I wish I'd given the 'bitchin camero' a go, it did look very cool! They were all fun as a passenger, although I did have a hard time climbing in the giant suburban!

We were also shown the 'On star' system which was pretty cool. It would be nice to know if I ever got in a bad scrape that I would just press a button and there is someone there, or automatically if the airbags deploy.

Here is the very fun sdhipmomma driving the suburban!

Our first stop was at South Beach Bar and Grill. The boys seemed to think this was the best, it was certainly the biggest and there was lots of flavor!

It was pretty rowdy and crowded in there too!!

We then made our way over to Shelter Island and the San Diego institution, the Brigantine. They only have one type of taco, the pollock fried taco, and that came in a corn tortilla (the only one of the trip).

This looked like a nice restaurant, somewhere I would love to bring my grandma, with a lovely patio with the nice cool breeze.

The third destination, Bluewater Grill, was the busiest and they werent able to seat us, so we went 'street style' and had our tacos out with the vehicles. This was my favourite, the tortilla was freshly toasted, and the salad tasted clean with a marinated mahi mahi.

Appetites flagging, we headed over to the World Famous in PB. The view is just stunning, right on the beach, and you cant beat that! The tacos were ok, we had a fried shrimp and fried fish, and after all that fried food, I was pretty full, so maybe didnt give it my best shot.

I'd certainly be happy to visit any of those places again, and it was really fun to meet more San Diego foodies, and to be re-acquainted with others. I dont have that many 'foodie' friends, so its nice to sit with a bunch of people and not feel like a freak when discussing fine details of a particular cuisine.
After chatting to Caron Golding and Candice Wu, I reminded myself I must get more involved with the Slow Food movement, and actually try and show up to some of their wonderful events. I also have a long list of restaurants to try!!


annie :) said...

Oh, I would so love to do that!

Richard & I met over fish tacos (high school jobs at Rubio's), so we have a soft spot for them ;)

Jacqueline Butler said...

Sounds like fun and a great way to meet other local bloggers! Would love to get involved...where can I find out more? : )

kellypea said...

What a fun event! I had no idea Chevrolet sponsored something like that. I've thought about doing a few of my own food trawls through town but just haven't gotten around to it. Nice info on local tacos :)