Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roasted Veggies, Halloumi and Bulgar

This is one of my favourite dishes, and better still, it gets the husband approval. Its also healthy, which is great, lots of whole grains. Although I'll try and tap out a recipe, its extremely adaptable to whatever you have on hand. I make a variation most weeks based on some sort of grain, eg rice, bulgar, pearl barley, quinoa, random roasted veggies, some sort of bean, and lots of flavor.

This time I used a delicious bulgar wheat product that I found in north park produce. It cooked up pretty quickly, maybe 15 minutes. I put a teaspoon of better than bouillon in there for flavor. Meanwhile, I had some diced veggies which I roasted up. This time there were red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini and onions.

I fried some cubes of halloumi cheese(also available at north park produce, somewhat similar to paneer, doesnt melt like regular cheese), chopped olives an avocado and some parsley.
I dumped everything in a bowl, then deglazed the roasting pans with a little white balsamic vinegar and lemon juice to balance everything out. mmmmm


Chef Dennis said...

sounds really tasty....this year has been my big adventure with grains!!

Joanne said...

Sounds awesome! :)