Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun at the cake show

A couple of weeks ago I entered a cake in the San Diego Cake Show. It was a fun weekend with lots of cake related events, and it was fun to decorate a 'dummy' (styrofoam) cake with no specific purpose other than to make a pretty cake.

I got some great advice from a friend, not to go crazy, just do something small and neat. So I took a little teeny 4" round, and a 6" round and I decorated with white fondant, and a simple bird decoration and made the star of the show a giant peony. I've experimented with this color scheme before and I really like the shocking pink, brown and white. I thought this would be a sweet and understated cake for a baby shower. It was also really simple to transport compared to some of the behemoth cakes I saw!!

Unfortunately I didnt win a prize, there were some truly stunning pieces of artwork there, but it was fun to enter, I got a brilliant goody bag with some great stuff in, including a truly terrifying cake topper, which I would be more than happy to pass on to a good home. I think it might have to wait until my next white elephant comes around!


Maria said...

The topper looks cute

Steph said...

it looks good

caninecologne said...

why would they give a cake topper of 2 random people?

and your cake looks beautiful - i love the simplicity and birds are always so cute! :)

kellypea said...

I was going through old Daring Baker posts of mine and saw you in the comments. How is it I always forget you're in San Diego? Anyway, I've added you to my links so I won't forget any longer.

I should be using you as a resource! Your cake decorating skills are fabulous.