Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lakeside Baking Supplies

I thought I'd share a little known gem in San Diego County, Lakeside Bakery Supplies. They are really a wholesale supply store, so dont expect bells and whistles, and dont expect fantastic customer service. They make their money on huge orders, not the little bits and pieces that bakers like me need!

Having said that, everyone is super sweet there, and they have some great stuff at unbeatable prices. One of the downsides is that you have to think of it then ask them if they have it, it is a warehouse type of store with a counter. Most of the items are in bulk, but I've found them very handy for things like 10lb tubs of Fondx rolled fondant, and also for almond paste at Christmas time.

They also stock bakery boxes, cake circles and everything you need to go into a bakery business, although bear in mind you'll have to plan for storage.
If you are a business they are happy to deliver for minimum orders of $350.


Kim - Liv Life said...

A wonderful tip, thanks!!

Merry Johnson said...

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Nicholas Williams said...

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