Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These are sad times

These are sad times people.  I just got a frantic email from a friend who is going to a birthday party and wants a cake, and the town that the party is in has no bakeries that use actual real ingredients.  They wanted something with strawberries and whipped cream, and there was no-one that could do that for them.  All the bakeries use a synthetic product, one version is named 'pastry pride' and is a 'non-dairy whipped product'.  Ew.

I hope people realize that the cakes they are buying from the grocery stores and some bakeries are completely full of these disgusting ingredients.

I also refuse to use these.  I'm sorry that my cakes can't sit around for days at room temperature, and they will melt in the heat, but they also taste great and are made of actual real things that you and I might recognise as a food product.

Thank you, rant over!  I'll be tallying up the comments in the giveaway and choosing a winner at random.  Keep watching folks!

Oh and full disclosure, this cake was made during my internship at an unnamed bakery and it is covered with a vile hydrogenated oil, mixed with 'butter flavor' and vanilla and copious powdered sugar.  Bakers like to get hold of the old trans fat version as it apparently is easier to use.


Anonymous said...

I am all in favor or a delicious cake that doesn't include wonky chemical preservatives rather than one that looks perfect.

caninecologne said...

call me naive, but i had no clue that bakeries weren't using real ingredients. i guess i like to think that they are and that is awful that they are using artificial crap. another reason why i won't buy cakes from grocery stores!

Jamie said...

Nicely said! How but Butt-r-Creme? Doesn't that sound soooo appetizing? Yum! Not! Gag!