Monday, July 18, 2011

Dining around San Diego and a new cake stand!

I always like to have a picture for my blog posts, so let me introduce my latest cake stand, a square one this time!  My husband knocked it together over a weekend and I think it will be a lovely addition to my collection and a very stylish way to display cupcakes! 

I also tried a few new (to me) restaurants and was a little underwhelmed.  I went to searsucker with some local food bloggers, and the food was ok, but the service wasnt great, they kind of forgot about us, and I found the atmosphere wasnt quite as warm and friendly as some of the more cosy neighbourhood joints I've become accustomed to.

We also tried whisknladle in La Jolla and we had high hopes with some great cocktails, and there was a really nice buzz about the place.  We started with a cheese and meat plate, which was fantastic, and way too big for two.  My husband chose the burger, which was impossible to eat as a burger was intended, even with his table manners he had to resort to a knife and fork.  I tried the scallops, but was a little disappointed at the balance of the dish.  There was a sweet porcini sauce on the top and an extremely salty cabbage underneath, and even trying to get a bit of each component didnt save the dish for me.  I found this to be another place to 'be seen' and everyone was craning their necks to see all the other diners, and it just wasnt a relaxing experience, especially with a huge batchelorette party going on next door in Karl Strauss.  I'd be prepared to give it another try, especially since I've enjoyed lunch at their Del Mar location.

We also recently tried georges again and decided to go all out and experience their dining room and I have to say, it is one of the most memorable dining experiences I've ever had.  The plates were like works of art, and each plate was surprising and just delicious at the same time.  A truly magical experience, with a price tag to match!  We enjoyed a few fun cocktails, then shared the deconstructed fish tacos, a wonderful carrot salad, and some kind of foie gras dish.  I think my main was gnocci and my dining partners enjoyed duck and pork, then the dessert was a peach cobbler and a chocolate cake.  Full marks!

We continue to enjoy Starlite Lounge the best, a nice combination of good food, with an ever changing menu, fun cocktails and interesting banter with the staff, who put up with our terrible jokes and quips!  I never feel like its a competition to see who is best dressed or who is there with who, its just a friendly bar with great food and drinks. 

I'm so sorry, I have a few photos, but I'm just not a food blogger who likes to snap away in restaurants, so you'll have to be satisfied with a picture of a cake stand!! 


Jeni's Mini Kitchen said...

We recently went to prepkitchen and whisknladle also, and coincidentally both time for brunch. The food was better than the conventional breakfast places, but I was expecting more also.

Jon and I will be moving to San Jose in a few months, so we will be visiting George's and a few other restaurants on our list.

caninecologne said...

How cool of your husband to make you a customized cake stand! So many layers too! It's great!

Leanne said...

I love the cake stand! Your hubby is certainly handy in the garage!

Searsucker is now off my list; I have no need to go back any time soon. Sorry to hear Whisknladle wasn't all that great. I've only been there a couple of times for lunch on weekends, but I remember their ricotta dumplings to be really good and our server was very friendly.

I'm going to have to put George's on the list - maybe for a birthday or anniversary dinner? I don't know that we've ever been there!

And, yes, Starlite is always wonderful. Whenever we fly in or out of SD, I try to see if I can work a meal into our flight schedule!

Cloud said...

I wonder if you would like Khan's Cave? It is east along Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Sort of a fusion Asian place. We were really pleasantly surprised with the food. But we're not big foodies. Good beer menu- can't say about the cocktails!

kirbie said...

I'm not a fan of Searsucker. Whisknladle, I always enjoy the appetizers and service but find their main entrees to be disappointing. I love the cake stand!

SweetThingsTO said...

Great cupcake stand - how many cupcakes does it fit?

Jennywenny said...

I think we worked out it needed to fit around 180 with a cake on top.