Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Kitchen

I thought it would be fun to share some photos of the new kitchen I'm renting to make my cakes in.  It was a pleasant surprise that I finished my work much quicker than I expected, which is unusual for me, I may be finally getting a little more realistic with my timing!

It could also be that the kitchen is so well appointed with all the tools and equipment that one could ever need for their various culinary endeavors.  Giant muffin pans, lots of bowls, whisks and measuring jugs, food processors, a large kitchenaid professional and a huge hobart mixer!

I haven't needed to use the big mixer, but that will sure make my life a lot easier when I have huge orders!  Its really useful for whipping up a giant batch of buttercream, as I get through a ton of that!

The large convection oven turned out to be a little trickier than I thought, it took me several attempts to work out how to switch it on!!

Once I had it working, I found my cakes were beautifully baked.  the rejects were destined to be trifles for a fundraiser that I was baking for, so no waste!

Renting a shared kitchen is a great way to get started in a food enterprise, you do need to organise a separate inspection (if you are in the state of California) but it is really nice not having the startup cost of buying all that equipment, and the tricky business of maintaining a kitchen.  I'm sure it requires a lot of good will on the part of all the tenants to maintain a good environment.  

One of the downsides to this kitchen is that it is pretty warm in the summer, but I've yet to come across a kitchen that isnt, so I think it is a hazard of the trade.  I dont like heat in general, but I'm definitely coming to the idea that I prefer the other seasons here in San Diego!

If you order a cake or desserts from Jennywennycakes, you now know where it will be baked!!

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caninecologne said...

Very nice Jenny! I'm so happy that things are going well with your new business! You know that I will definitely be calling you for some upcoming bday cakes! :)