Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coco Cookies

One of the best things about sharing a kitchen is the wonderful people I meet, with such different products and interests. 

I have had the great pleasure of sharing the kitchen with these lovely ladies who are working extremely hard on their cookies to produce a healthy, gluten free, vegan, organic and fair trade product. 

Coco cookies are made without refined sugar too, so they are great for an afternoon snack that picks you up rather than give you a horrible sugar low.

They are definitely the kind of afternoon snack that I'm looking for, if you're expecting a sugary sweet, buttery cookie, you might be a little disappointed.

They got their FDA approval for wholesale and online orders, so expect coco cookies to be in the stores soon!  Meanwhile they are available online.

Disclosure: I got these cookies free from the coco girls, but I wasn't paid for my endorsement!

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