Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hokey Pokey Ha ha ha!

Ok, so this is another first. Its the first time I've made something that made me cackle. I dont know why, but the sheer strangeness of the stuff you get out of such an easy process was an awful lot of fun. I was just about to comment on it being great for kids, but bubbling hot sugar and kids dont really go very well together do they?

I do like nigella. She loves her food. I was looking around for a gift to send my favourite vegan and I was watching 'Nigella Express' and she made this hokey pokey as a hostess gift. Perfect.

This stuff is absolutely lovely in ice cream, its big in New Zealand although I've had it at the fair in England, and we also have a version of it enrobed in milk chocolate, known as a crunchie.

This works great. I decided to double the recipe. The only thing I'd have caution about is that my idea of maple syrup is obviously darker than hers, I think I was close to overcooking it.

Be sure to get this into an airtight container as soon as its cool (within an hour). It goes all sticky and gooey. If you're popping bites in to a selection I'd advise wrapping them individually.

Hokey Pokey- Nigella Lawson

1/2 cup sugar

4 tablespoons golden syrup (dark corn syrup is ok, but golden syrup is better)

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda (I sifted this in, lumps of bicarb-bad)

Put the sugar and syrup into a saucepan and stir together to mix. You can't stir once the pan's on the heat, though.
Place the pan on the heat and let the mixture first melt and then turn to goo and then a bubbling mass the color of maple syrup(very light maple syrup!) - this will take 3 minutes or so.
Off the heat, whisk in the baking soda and watch the syrup turn into a whooshing cloud of aerated pale gold. Turn this immediately onto a piece of baking parchment or greased foil.
Leave until set and then bash at it, so that it splinters into many glinting pieces.

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Deborah said...

I don't think I've ever had anything like this before. I'm intrigued - I want to try it out.