Sunday, December 9, 2007

WCB-Festive felines

We decided to put up our rather pathetic IKEA christmas tree this weekend, and it got us all festive. Tina found a new favourite spot on the sofa. Thankfully she's not showing much interest in toppling the tree!

You can see she was happy to be indoors all cozy sleeping with all that rain and snow we've had here. Am I glad I decided not to ride up palomar this weekend, its very snowy!


sher said...

Nothing wrong with an IKEA tree! Be strong Tina--don't topple the tree! :):)

Katie said...

I love the bow on your tree - very pretty! Looks like someone is tolerating the tree right now - fingers crossed it stays that way! ;)

Katie @ A Byootaful Life

Sammawow said...

That is a cute little tree. Tina is being very good, so far.