Saturday, December 1, 2007

Marzipan fruits

I spent a stormy Friday evening having a lot of fun at 'Do it with Icing'. Its a wonderful shop tucked away in a strip mall next to the 805 freeway. I didn't have a chance to look around the shop after the class finished, but I'm sure I'll be back. Its definitely the best place to go in San Diego for any kind of baking or cake decorating requirements, and they are all very passionate and friendly.

Linda went through a plethora of fruits and vegetables step by step and we all followed her eagerly. There were only 6 of us on the course, so we got lots of attention and lots of help if we were having trouble. I think my favourites were the pumpkins, they are just too adorable for words. Now I've had a poke in the right direction I'm sure I'll be trying much more of this as it is super cute and lots of fun!

I'm also hoping my Mum will be able to bring lots of marzipan over when she visits as its so much cheaper at home. Its available in big blocks even in your regular supermarket. We use it much more extensively, as a first layer in fruit cakes below a fondant or royal icing cover, or in the absolutely delicious battenburg cake (I must have a try of one of those soon! can I do Mr Kipling justice?!).


maybahay said...

these look so cute. trying sugarcraft is in my ¨to do¨ list. will probably have time when the kids move out (in 18 or so years..)

thanks for your tip re corn syrup.

caninecologne said...

your marzipan fruits look great!

Meryl said...

What pretty "fruits"! I tried to make some this year, but didn't end up with nearly the variety. I especially like the "corn".