Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucha Libre

I just got back from a very nice lunch at lucha libre, just off the I5 at Washington.
I'd been wanting to try it for a while, and picking up my husbands car from the garage seemed like the perfect opportunity. He had the Tijuana hot dog and I had the veggie quesadilla. The hot dog was pretty good and gave him his usual rush that bacon gives him so goodness knows what he's like now, I'm sure he's giving everyone at work hell!
The quesadilla was delicious, at only $4 it was a bargain. It had delicious grilled veggies, peppers zucchini and onion, black beans and cheese and was served with a dollop of quesadilla. I started to chow down on it and realised that I had twice as much as I thought and it was enough for lunch and dinner, even for a hungry person like me! Bargain!
I cant wait to go back and try more!
I guess those folks at chow were right this time. The parking seems a bit tricky but other than that I'd be happy to go back anytime!

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caninecologne said...

nice restaurant graphic!

the tijuana hot dog sounds pretty good. aren't they wrapped in bacon?


i will have to try this place soon.