Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cupcake lessons

One last try at non-artificial red velvet cakes!! I decided to take the Smitten Kitchen recipe I'd done so well with and add lots of beetroot puree. 2 whole cups of beetroot later, crazy purple cake batter, and baking produced brown cupcakes. Oh dear! At least I finally got to the bottom of the whole beet/velvet cake thing, I also was very happy with the way the frosting came out, and I got some very healthy cakes. I would add much more cocoa another time and just make them full on chocolate cakes.

As mentioned, I kept the recipe, halved the oil, and added 2 cups of cooked and pureed beetroot.


SweetBites said...

Hi Jenny, just visited ur sit and already i'm loving it so much. ur 'beetroot cuppies' look so adorable & is healthy too with all the beetroot.also the frosting looks sooooo beautiful. may i know what tip/nozzle u used ?
thanx & i'll keep visiting ur site.

Jennywenny said...

Thanks for visiting!

I'd say it was relatively healthy with all the beet, and I now remember I substituted 1/2 wholewheat pastry flour.

The tip is a wilton 2d, its really easy to get that cute rose just by starting in the middle of the cupcake and going around.

Ann said...

HOLY everything! The frosting is SO lovely - beautiful job!!! I bow, humbled before you....