Monday, October 27, 2008

My political opinions

I'm not allowed to vote, so I get to watch this whirlwind of politics from the sidelines just crossing my fingers that people vote for what I believe in. Hopefully in about 6 years they might let me become a citizen and I can actually state my opinion too.

There are two bills on this election I feel very strongly about.

1. Prop 8. I think that everyone should have the right to get married and be legally protected. PLEASE VOTE NO ON PROP 8! I also hate that the yes people are making stupid stuff up about schools to try and get their point across. I also hate the rock church for poisoning their members minds, managing to keep their tax-exempt status, and stealing my parking space at Trader Joes (yay, I brought it back round to food)

1. Prop 2. Please vote for the animals to have bigger cages and get treated better. Its time we started treating animals like beings and not like commodities. This prop doesnt go nearly far enough but its a start. And I'm sorry, but I feel bad for the farmers and all, but I think its important that we stop messing up our environment and treating animals like crap.

Thanks guys, I cant wait until next week when this is all over!


Bix said...

Prop 2 ... that was touching.

Rayrena said...

I'm voting with you! As far as the farmers go, yes, some will not be able, financially, to make the change but that's not an excuse to treat farm animals worse than we treat pets. Way back when, car manufacturers said it would be too expensive to install seatbelts...

adozeneggs said...

I know they passed prop 8, which is so disappointing. But I don't think I heard about prop 2. I'm not vegetarian, but I only eat meat that's grown in small local farms here in Vermont. You can actually go and see how they are treated and what their lives are like. In my native state of MA they managed to finally ban dog racing! Yay! Overall though, I am happy with the election results.