Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day in Julian

Today I had the pleasure of riding the 'Tour de Julian' on my bike. I think some people who did the ride had a bit of a nasty shock when they realised that the ride snaked through the hills all the way to the top of Mount Laguna! It was a rude 5000ft climb in 55 miles.

It was absolutely beautiful with the fall colors at the top though, the sunrise highway is really beautiful to see too, with some gnarly burned trees and pretty grasses.

We were rewarded at the finish with a massive slice of apple pie with ice cream at the end. I didnt eat the entire pie, but it was a jolly generous piece.

All this apple talk got me thinking, while I'm here I should get some apples! We swung by the mayer orchard on the 78 just before Santa Ysbel and picked up some truly delicious apples, honey, pears and I picked up one black walnut too.

This is a great time to check out the san diego backcountry, although I'd say you'd want to avoid Julian at the weekend, its a crazy zoo!


Sugar Chef said...

Congratulations on your ride. I also ride an Orbea road bike but I have never ridden to Julian. Love that place though and the apple pies. Did you start in Borego Springs or from the other side?

Rayrena said...

Congratulations! Was the pie any good? Sounds like a beautiful ride :)

Jennywenny said...

The pie was fantastic!

The ride was from julian and went up eagles nest and then engineer, then connected with the sunrise highway for an up and back, then back to julian. Very cool!