Thursday, November 6, 2008

A vacation to the red sea

Sorry, no pictures, I really hate taking pictures in restaurants. But what I can tell you is I had a really good meal at the red sea restaurant in City Heights yesterday.

There was a group of 8 of us and we ordered a veggie combo and a meat combo and I only sampled the veggie but it was great. A big injera with a large dollop of salad in the middle, surrounded by little bits of lentil curries, veg curry and collards. More injera were brought to mop up the delicious curries, and its all eaten family style.

The injera takes a bit of getting used to, its like a sour pancake, similar to the indian masala dosa but made with teff flour. Some people might be a bit intimidated by eating with their hands family style, I'd assume you could order a fork and and individual portion.

We also ordered beers, we had the choice of a 4.5%, 5.5% and stout (although he mentioned there being 7 types of beer) and the beers were quite sweet, but good with the curry.

What was a shock at the end was that this enormous meal for 8 with one or two beers came to $10 each including a generous tip! Recession buster or what.

If you want a trip to the exotic red sea then give this place a try!
Red Sea Restaurant
4717 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105


caninecologne said...

hi jennywenny! i'm glad you enjoyed your visit to red sea. i liked it there as well. next time, you might want to try Asmara (which is Eritrean) on University or Harar on El Cajon (the western part of the Blvd). Asmara is pretty nice and the food is great and the prices are reasonable. My favorite is the veggie combo as well. I love sampling all of the different types of vegetable dishes they have. I have an older post of it somewhere.

adozeneggs said...

You're lucky, I don't think there is an Ethiopian restaurant in all of Vermont. When I lived in Boston, we had a really good one called Addis Red Sea.I'll have to wait for a visit to NYC in Jan to enjoy some good ethnic food! I love the injera and at Addis they serve honey wine, so good!

Anna said...

Ha! After San Diego, I'm not taking any more pictures in restaurants. I took a few here and there and could feel people glaring at me....even at Filipi's (glad we agree on their pizza), which is a loud and boisterous dining room, people seemed annoyed. It's interesting becaue in other places (Austin), people don't seem to mind the photography. But I'm not taking any more photos in restaurants.