Friday, November 14, 2008

Owl Cupcakes, what a hoot!

After a particularly tedious day at work, I really needed to feel like I'd accomplished something, so I opened my trusty 'Hello cupcake' book and saw these delightful owls. I love this book, its really easy to get brilliant effects from easy to get candies and cookies.

This particular design just relies on some chocolate cupcakes and frosting, a packet of oreos, junior mints and m&m's (or banana candy).

It was definitely the antidote to a 'blah' day, I felt very creative once I'd got them made! Everyone at work was very pleased too.

I tried the dorie greenspan chocolate cupcakes. They seemed to be quite dry, so I dont know if my flour was really packed or something. I prefer my cakes to be nice and moist.

After doing a search, I found out that the very dedicated 'Tuesdays with Dorie' folks had tried this recipe and that they had trouble with dryness too, it looks like they need to be baked for a much shorter time than stated in the book.

Please check out these delicious cupcakes at scrumptious photography for the recipe and some lovely looking cakes!


Elle said...

What totally cute owls! The bannana candy for the beak, plus the big eyes, really makes 'em cute.

Julia said...

Oh those came out so good! I can see how they would put you into a good mood. I own that cookbook but haven't made anything from it yet. It's chock full of some really good ideas.

Thanks for the tip on teh Dorie Greenspan recipe. You know the chocolate cake that is on the cover of her latest cookbook? The one with the white frosting and what looks like Oreo crumbs? I used that recipe to make cupcakes and it was pretty dry too. I wonder if it is the same recipe.

So what did you make with gumpaste?

adozeneggs said...

Those are adorable!!!

Kitt said...

How clever! They look so cute.