Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cake extravaganza!

I've been so busy attending classes, making easter goodies and all sorts that I've not really been trying any new recipes! More grossmont cakes to come, although we finished the last cake baking in my cake class and we're now doing cake decorating for the rest of the semester.
We started yesterday with buttercream roses, I never got the hang of them. I feel like I just dont have enough interest in them, I cant see myself ever wanting them on my cakes, so there is no incentive to try and perfect them. I might try at the weekend again though.

I started with some cupcakes for a fellow medicinal chemist, making dinky little labcoast and drawing molecules, and some beakers and erlenmeyer flasks, really fun!

Then I had the pleasure of making a cake for the lovely Canine Cologne, who was celebrating a birthday, I'm so glad I finally got to meet her, she's just as sweet and fun as I imagined and I'm really glad she took a risk and asked me to help with her special birthday. Thanks for the shout out too!

I made a banana cake with caramel, banana and cream cheese frosting with chocolate fondant.

The other request was the chocokat cupcakes, these were also fun to make, I love doing cartoon characters!

We then moved onto easter, and I made a mixture of cupcakes with an easter theme, I was asked to make some peeps ones, and some baby birds. I rounded it out with a few birds nests with robin eggs in

I also enjoyed making a fun easter cake. If I'd known quite how big it was going to end up, I'd have made lots more daffodils for it, I also made a birds nest basket with chocolate, caramel syrup and rice krispies

The most recent project was a spur of the moment thing, lots of people are always banging on about 'Yo Gabba' and I have no idea what it is but it sounds fun. A friend recently gave birth to a very adorable little boy, her 2 year old was being a very cute big brother and I thought it would be really fun to make some treats with his favourite characters on. I was really happy with how they came out, I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not taking the time to pipe the frosting, but the characters are cute.


caninecologne said...

hi jenny
my co-workers loved the cake and cupcakes (i brought a few leftovers earlier this week). one especially loved the red velvet ones you did.

several people took your business cards too. hope they hit you up!!! the cake was mouthwateringly awesome! bananas, caramel and chocolate chips - what could be better than that?

thanks again!!!

next time, let's try tokidoki characters! :)

caninecologne said...

it's me again - i haven't watched that show 'yo gabba gabba' but the title is a reference to a Ramones song called "Pinhead" where the lyrics chant, "yo gabba gabba hey' or something like that. it's a reference to the 1930's movie, "Freaks" by Tod Browning.

by the way, my coworker will be contacting you. he's interested in a cake for his room mate's upcoming bday.

Jennywenny said...

Cool! Very happy to help out if I'm free!

I had no idea it was from a ramones song, the moms seem to think its pretty cool though.

adozeneggs said...

Oh my gosh, everything is adorable. I love the birds nest cake and it's so funny that you made lab coat cupcakes.
We're working on a big order of lab coats and logo cookie favors.

lyndsay said...

phewf!! what a grand collection!!!

silver jewelry said...

These cakes are not only delicious but they are full of art.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the edible bird nest?

Jennywenny said...

It was made with rice kris pies mixed with choc and golden syrup