Monday, March 24, 2008

Fabulous Foodie Weekend!

Well, I was so excited to return to The Better Half for the third time that I thought it couldnt possibly live up to expectations, but it was just wonderful again. We had a wonderful little mushroom crostini for our amuse, then the boys had a beautiful charcuterie, the highlight appeared to be the 'jewish bacon' pastrami(as described by the chef). I enjoyed an amazing spinach and chickpea soup with moroccan spices. My goodness it was wonderful, I should eat soup more often, its just so filling usually!

We were brought little lemon sorbets, which we loved, it made us feel like giants again and provoked much giggling.

For main course I had the tart de jour, which was delicious, with perfect pastry, and the boys had veal cheeks on a bed of a lentil type legume. They were blown away with it.

Dessert was also just wonderful. A delicious nutty almond and cherry rice pudding, and a sweet creme brulee with maple syrup. I really enjoyed this creme brulee, it was very sweet but the texture was just perfection, smooth and silky as I feel it should be.

Our second foodie trip was to check out Eclipse Chocolate. We had paninis, and they were both excellent, especially the beef one. I enjoyed a lavender truffle with salt on top. I've never had rock salt on top of chocolate like that before and it was truly amazing. I didnt really taste the soapy lavender much. I think it was more an infusion in the salt, which worked much better than other lavender things I've tasted.

Sorry, no piccies, I'm a bad blogger!

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