Sunday, March 16, 2008

WCB-we're a bit sad

I was very sad yesterday to find out my very dearest favourite cat in the blogosphere is having a hard time. I check in every week to see how the lovely Upsie is doing, and it turns out she has another health challenge and doesn't have much longer for this world.

I've had fun hearing about her adventures in the garden, her trials and tribulations with the squirrels and enjoy seeing her fabulous outfits.

When I read the news yesterday morning, I had a little cry, and tina came over to see me. I later remembered about Upsie, and Tina came and sat on the arm of the sofa and put her chin on my arm. She always knows when I'm upset and comes over and comforts me. I'm sure Upsie has done her fair share of being a comforting presence in everyone's lives she's come into.

Hopefully the new cat at 'What did you eat' is going to bring just as much happiness into Sher's life. As far as I'm concerned, as a brit, a black cat is always good luck and little Laura is just adorable.

This is the first time anything on anyones blog has affected me this much. I'm so sad for my favourite virtual cat.

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