Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, I'll start off with the fun picture, of my little princess reclining on a piece of discarded cardboard, a very comfy resting place where she can turn to the patio doors and watch over the garden to see whats going on.

Unfortunately we've been dealing with repeated occurances of fleas and worms. Apparently fleas carry the worms, so this time we're starting by trying to kill the fleas then we'll deal with the worms in a couple of days. Oh dear. How gross. And princess tina is not happy about the flea stuff, as you can tell! Hopefully she'll keep away from us as we're not really that interested in hanging out until the visitors have gone.


Raven said...

Two things I can suggest about the fleas.
One, buy some nightlight-type lamps and put them in a wall socket over a 1 to 2" tall dish filled with soapy water. The fleas are drawn to the warmth and drown.

Two, there are pest control companies that offer pyrethrum, a crysanthemum derivative, and an all-natural way to stop the fleas' reproduction cycle.

I had a horrible problem in Tulsa with my 6 cats, and these worked for me.

Anonymous said...

I have a house full of cats and dogs and I feel your pain :) The absolute best flea remedy is Revolution. You can get it from the vet - it's a little tube of liquid that you squeeze out into the skin at the back of the neck (it disappears into the skin). The fleas are dead within 24 hours. It also gets rid of ear mites and some types of worms. One dose lasts for 30 days (new fleas who jump on your little guy in the meantime will croak after taking a bite of him). You'll want to dose at least twice (two months in a row) to account for new eggs hatching from infestation in the house. If your guy is an outdoor kitty, you can dose once a month throughout flea season, from Spring to late Fall (through Winter too if you live in a warm climate). Good luck!