Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tina under Siege

Tina has found another cupboard to sit in. This is a bit tricky, she just has to launch herself in there and then she's in, but she cant stand up in there, so she has a bit of trouble getting comfy.

It always makes me laugh when my yoga teacher says 'like a cat' implying grace and smooth movements. Tina isnt really one of those types of cats!!

Anyway, unfortunately we have a new cat next door which is now called 'leopard cat' and is twice the size of tina (remember, she's 14 lb!) and is terrorizing her a little bit, so she's very needy at the moment. I hope she learns to stand up for herself a bit.

To see the other cats, and to find out what mischeif pumpkin and Laura have been in visit sher at what did you eat.

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sher said...

Don't be scared Tina! Mom won't let anything happpen to you.