Saturday, September 6, 2008

A day of beer and sunshine!

Kit Carson
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It was a fun day out in Escondido, we visiting the spectacular sculpture garden in Kit Carson Park, which was of course very hot, but there were spots of shade to stand and admire the beautiful details.

We then made our way over to the Stone Brewery where we had a nice lunch followed by a brewery tour. We had a great afternoon. The food was good, if a little pricey, the beer was good for the boys, I found it far too bitter, which worked well as I was the designated driver! We enjoyed some delicious buffalo burgers and some interesting tempeh burgers, I probably wouldn't bother with the tempeh again, but you win some you lose some!

The tour was completely free and a lot of fun, we learned about all the aspects of brewing and I was most interested in the yeast. I thought it would be really fun to try their yeast to make some bread, but apparently their yeast is proprietary so we weren't allowed to try it.

After the tour we were treated to tastes of any of the beer we wanted. I had a sip of the pale ale, but the boys really got their moneys worth by trying absolutely everything and were quite rowdy in the car on the way home!!

We continued the festivities by dropping off the car and checking out the new Toronado in North Park, which I liked, but our friend was disappointed it wasn't as grimy as the original in San Francisco.

The evening finished with a nice dinner at Urban Solace. The BLT went down particularly well. We ordered the red velvet cake and the peanut creme brulee. The creme brulee was surprisingly good, it sounded gross, but somehow the top seemed like peanut brittle and the chocolate at the bottom was tasty. The red velvet cake was dry but came with delicious cream cheese frosting which was interspersed with nutty cocoa nibs.

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