Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunshine for Skip and Denise

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Yesterday I decided to finally open my 'Hello Cupcake' book and bring some sunshine into Skip and Denise's day. I'm so glad I did, these cakes are a lot easier to decorate than I thought, I'll be trying out lots of other ideas soon! I followed the instructions in the book to the tee, although I found that instead of fiddling around with a ziploc bag, I was better off using a proper wilton tip(352) and disposable bag.

A couple of weeks ago I was horrified to find out that Skip had fallen on a tricky descent at the cool breeze century bike ride. He severed his spinal cord and is paralysed from the waist down. I thought it would be nice to take him a treat at the hospital to share with his visitors. I tried to leave it at the front desk as they said they weren't quite ready, but they told me to come down and say 'Hi'. I cant believe how strong and positive he is, it really knocked me for 6 to see such a wonderful guy fighting so hard to get the best mobility he can. He's in a great facility, the Sharp Rehabilitation Center, and they are taking great care of him.


Anonymous said...

What a great friend - I'll bet they're grateful at this tough time to have you in their lives!

PastaQueen said...

Wow, sorry about your friend. Those are beautiful cupcakes though.

Little Miss Contrary said...

Those cupcakes are adorable-- and what a wonderful friend, you are!