Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mille Fleurs-a new dessert place in Hillcrest!

After a fantastic dinner at Kous Kous, I was determined to try the new swanky dessert place that had cropped up on the corner of 5th and University. It looked really beautiful sparkling in the darkness.

I ordered a spiced jasmine tea and we had the opera cake and a layered chocolate mousse cake topped with white chocolate (sorry, cant remember the name. They were both impeccable, delicious and well worth the money.

The waiters were all very dressed up in their long aprons and ties, there appeared to be more staff than customers even on a busy Saturday night, but I guess their throughput is enough that they can make a go of it.

I think this is a great spot for an afternoon tea and cake, but it was a little on the bright side for evening dessert. We're also looking forward to when they get their liquor licence as a glass of dessert wine is always a nice finish to an evening!


Sean said...

Oh! This is good to know about. We come down to San Diego a couple times a year to see my mother, so we'll have to make an excursion.

Anonymous said...

The name is Mille Feuille and it is delicious...