Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So one of the reasons I've been really quiet lately is that we bought a house! It needs extensive work done, one exciting part of that is a new kitchen. I was really happy to find a house with a horrible kitchen because it meant we just needed to rip it out and start again. There are lots of little things about our current kitchen that we dont like, tile counters for instance, but its quite cute and there is nothing bad enough to mean an entire refit.
We're in the planning stages, although everyone has advised getting ikea cabinets, we think we might go for the more solid american ones, that way this kitchen should last a really long time. We like the silestone counter tops, and I'm thinking cream colored cabinets and a sand/limestone colored countertops. Another big decision is the oven configuration. I think we'll go for a wall oven and separate cooktop.
Many people have mentioned the usefulness of drawers, so we're planning on having all the lower cabinets either as drawers or cupboards with drawers in, much better use of the space. It looks like I'll have lots of bookshelves on the other side of the kitchen with a little cubby under the window that I can sit at and dream about cakes!

There will be a central island, where the sink is now, which will probably have a couple of stools underneath for chilling and maybe eating. We're also planning to move the door from the left hand side to the right.

Any opinions anyone has are extremely welcome!!


Leanne said...

I think your plans sound great! If you can work electrical outlets into your island, I think you'll find them very useful. I use all my "countertop" applicances on the island, so being able to plug them in and have all that working room is awesome.

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

kellypea said...

Wow, this brings back memories. We bought an older house like this and had to gut the thing. Have fun creating your new kitchen :)

KirkK said...

Congrats Jenny!

adozeneggs said...

That's very exciting. I cooked for a client with a double wall oven and it was awesome. I have a wall oven now, but it's a crappy oven and my cooktop is super crappy, so I'm not so excited about wall ovens at this point in time. (only because mine is so crappy).
I highly recommend a convection oven.
I had granite counters before and I loved them, silestone sounds nice though.
Congrats on the new house and good luck with the kitchen. That's just so exciting. I'm dreaming of the day I can rip out my circa 1969 kitchen cabinets.....

Darlene said...

Congrats on your new house! Looking forward to reading your updates.