Monday, May 23, 2011

An extremely geeky weekend!

Some really awesome cake ideas have come my way recently, it started with a schoolteacher in Portland enquiring about my periodic table cupcakes. I ended up making her a set of periodic table cupcake toppers for her bakesale! She posted a picture on my Facebook page ( of the finished cupcakes if you want to see, meanwhile here are some pictures before I shipped them.

I then found myself involved with a 'mad scientist' birthday party. I modelled a birthday message out of the elements, I had to cheat a bit with the 'D' and actually made a mistake, since it has an atom number of 1 (duh!) and I made sure that the numbers, elements and colors were accurate to their intended homes in the periodic table. I added flasks around the side of the cake with a measurement of '7', the girls age.

This was accompanied with another 2 dozen cupcakes decorated with labcoats, flasks and a periodic table birthday message.

I then got to work on 'the planets'. Cakes are getting to be higher stakes as the kiddies grow up. This 4 year old is apparently very knowledgable about the planets, and I'll admit I was pretty worried to deliver it! His eyes were so wide they nearly popped out of his head, I'm thinking this was a good sign?! I even added a little pluto to give to him

so he could decide whether it belonged with the other planets.

The cake was a lemon cake with raspberry buttercream, I also had jupiter in cake, the rest of the planets were rice crispy treats.

This was also accompanied with cupcakes decorated with the sun and planets.

Lastly, a super hero themed party. They arent fans of fondant, so I made a banana choc chip cake, filled with cream cheese, bananas and caramel and covered with buttercream with just a few fondant accents. This is a fun option if you prefer to cut back on the fondant

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SweetThingsTO said...

What a fun collection of cakes and cupcakes! They look amazing