Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

I can hardly believe it was over a year ago since we started the journey of remodelling our house! We looked around for months for the perfect property, and finally found a place that needed a lot of work. Please excuse my liberal use of the word 'we' when really, I'm talking about my amazing husband, who seems to have been hiding his amazing remodelling skills under a bushel until now!!

The girl living in the house had a huge dog, which stank, and also destroyed the house and garden. Thankfully my husband could see past all that, and he saw the potential in the place.

We completely gutted the place, removed the floor and nearly all the drywall, ripped the kitchen and dining room out, removed the 'garden room' and had an extension built. After 6 months the place was just ready to move in, and now after a year, we're finishing small bits and pieces to make it perfect!

We finally finished the last touches on the kitchen and I wanted to share. Its such a wonderful place to work in.

We decided to work with home depot for our kitchen design, and for installing the cabinets and counters. The cupboards are from thomasville, and very well built, the door handles are made from glass tiles stuck onto ikea handles, and the countertop is silestone.

The appliances are all from Pacific Sales, we chose Kitchenaid and we're super happy, I love the giant microwave, its wonderful having a double oven, and the dishwasher is just a dream.

The floor throughout the house is bamboo, its really beautiful, although anyone with pets and children might find that its not very durable. It does dent easily too.

I chose some recycled glass tiles for the backsplash. They were an absolute pain to install, even with a long weekend, they still needed a further coat of grout to finish the look. If you're considering this, seriously think about the expense/level of work involved in not going the easy route with the tiles on sheets!!

We also added some bluetooth speakers, so we can listen to podcasts and pandora on the iPad, which is also very useful for looking up recipes, etc. The last detail was to add a relaxing green paint to the walls and my dream kitchen was complete!

I'm still getting used to where everything is, I think deep down I know I need to actually take everything out of the cupboards and start again.

There is the perfect space next to the window for a piece of artwork, or a great photograph, we're taking our time choosing that. I'd also like a blind, nosy people strolling past love to crane their necks to see what we're up to in the kitchen!!

Kitchen Design, Cabinets and silestone counters: Home depot

Appliances: Kitchenaid by Pacific Sales

Backsplash-recycled glass tiles by stardust glass , which has now changed to clayhaus ceramics, but still does the same funky round tiles

Bamboo flooring bought from lumber liquidators (installed by my husband!)


Darlene said...

Your kitchen is so lovely. A beautiful setting for all future cake creations and memories to come!

Mon said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous kitchen and love the colours. Well done!

Leanne said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! And I'm totally jealous of your bamboo floors - they wouldn't last a second in this house with our dogs.

faithy said...

I'm having kitchen envy right now! :D Love how you decorated your kitchen and i LOVE the space! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations from this awesome kitchen!

moowiesqrd said...

Love, love, love your kitchen! It's so bright and open... and that big work surface in the middle! Kudos to both of you for your hard work... you did a fabulous job!

kellypea said...

What a fabulous space! The backsplash caught my eye right away -- I love it. It was the hardest part of our remodel to decide upon and the part I like the least. Figures. I can't believe it's been a year and remember happening onto your blog then. Congrats on being done!

Mary said...

Love the backsplash so much! It's beautiful!

Jamie said...

Whoa! That is drop dead gorgeous!

SweetThingsTO said...

Awesome and I just love that backsplash!!

caninecologne said...

hi jw - the kitchen looks fantastic! i like that backsplash very much - it's so unique!

your kitchen should be in a magazine! kudos to your husband and you for making it all come together and look so beautiful!

Canterbury Cakes said...

What a beautiful setting to work in!

Robbie Marinero said...

I love how the polka dot wall tiles mixed with your plain white counter tops and cabinets. And you also have enough space to place your iPad, which is your recipe source. Now that is a kitchen designed for convenience and comfort!