Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just call us volunteers

I'm back from oz, here's just a taster of my fun week, here's my niece in front of the 'kissin tree' as she calls it, you can tell she just melts everyone's heart who meets her, it was so wonderful to spend some time with the family.
What I'm really here for is to talk about Just call us volunteers.
I volunteered for them at Thanksgiving and had lots of fun ripping up turkey legs and making mashed potatoes. I found it really heartwarming that these chefs were carefully preparing a dinner for the homeless in San Diego and working hard to make sure it was a great dinner and using their usual care to prepare great food.

I'll be volunteering again on Christmas Day, and I'll be taking them a check. I dont send any christmas cards any more, I look for a good charity and this charity is one of my favourites.

If you're interested in volunteering or donating then please contact Julie or give me a shout. They are hoping for: 'Warm socks and warm gloves. We are hoping for 600 pairs of each. We also need 40 turkeys, 24 hams and 30 Costco size pumpkin and pecan pies.'

Apologies for the hastily put together post, things are full on crazy in the jennywenny household, I'm trying to unpack my case, make lots of goodies for christmas prezzies, help my hubbie remodel the bathroom, and get the house shipshape for my mother in law's arrival on Tuesday, amongst other things!!