Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Food bloggers bake sale!

The food bloggers bake sale is coming up again!  Lots of amazing baked goods will be on sale at Great News Cooking School on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach.

I'm so excited to be involved again!  I'm bringing lots of cupcakes, of various flavors that I'm baking during that weekend.  I'm also bringing macarons, my new favorite little treat, they are fickle but fun!

I'm also offering a raffle prize of either a cake, or a dessert buffet to serve up to 50 people.  I hope you'll enter the raffle!!  Here's a little dessert buffet I did recently

Looking forward to seeing people down there, I hope I manage to make it down there for at least a few minutes.

Here is the website to learn more...

I gather you are able to pre-order treats too, please either email me(jennywennycakes at gmail dot com), or visit the website to find out more!