Monday, August 18, 2008

Celebrity Food Show, Anaheim

Matt from Mattbites was kind enough to give out some free tickets for this event, so I thought it would be a fun day trip. I got there just as it was opening, enjoyed my acai berry beverage, then checked out the cake competition. It was really fun to see all the students working hard. It was unfortunate that some of the spectators couldnt give them enough space to work. Oh well.

I then checked out the stands, some more exciting than others. The 'jesus cookie' stand was completely baffling. Apparently they are choc a bloc with jelly beans, each of which represents a part of the bible. Apparently everyone wanted the yellow forgiveness, but I was lucky enough to get red, the blood of christ. Crikey!

I also saw a very cool chocolate company from Laguna Niguel, Downeys. They had delicious salted caramels dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. I think I'll probably return there at some point to visit a class soon.

There were a lot of 'healthy foods' with antioxidants and stuff in, and some very dubious sweetners. The most disturbing was dr grandmas, a very odd flavor and name!

I also met a very nice lady who runs a cookie company and has landed a deal with Wholefoods. She was so inspired by last years show that she decided to set up a company. Wow! Its a tempting idea!
I then watched a couple of cooking demos with lipton tea, and found myself done with the show at about 12.30. I'd snacked a little but I wanted something real so I made my way to Lee's Sandwiches for a delicious vietnamese sandwich. I chose the veggie of course, which was lovely, it had all crunchy vermicelli, carrots and tofu, and some salad in there with a couple of jalapenos and a bit of cilantro. I also had a vietnamese coffee, which was pretty strong, good to keep me going.
I drove through little saigon, did a spot of shopping, and then stopped off at the enormous South Coast Plaza for a little retail therapy on my way home. A fun day out!

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