Monday, August 11, 2008


This place was awesome! There was some discussion on Chowhound about how great it was there, and I finally decided to go check it out. Its really nice and close to our house too, which is always a big plus.

We arrived early and walked through the amazing entrance, and found it pretty empty. It turned out that its a real night owl venue and we're just dorky old people now. It seemed to be getting a lot busier when we left around 10. The decor was just wonderful, I couldnt stop looking around at all the cool mirrors and stylish design touches.

We sampled quite a few of the cocktails and loved all of them. I very much enjoyed the pimms cocktail, the mojito was tops, the moscow mule (see pic) was good and my husband managed to persuade the barman to help him on his conquest to find the bitterest drink. It was nasty but my husband loved it and it killed half the barmans taste buds, poor man.

We moved to a booth and enjoyed a plate of olives and spiced pistachios. The boys had a charcuterie with house made chorizo, salami and dry cured beef. We shared a fry plate which was delicious, tempura covered tomatoes and beans, little falafel, potatoes and a delicious almond dip.

After that I was pretty full and had the house salad, which was still quite substantial, with a delicious house buttermilk dressing and some very pretty red corn. The boys enjoyed a brandt steak and were very happy.

The desserts were a berry cobbler and an ice cream sandwich, made of two toffee cookies and some bland ice cream. I think I'd have saved the calories and had a nice cocktail instead, they weren't that great.

We know we'll be back often, it was a real fun place to hang out. The service was very attentive and we loved the extensive cocktail menu and helpful barman. It was annoying they didnt take reservations, but there was plenty of room at the bar to hang out if we ever had to wait at a table. I noticed they had a little patio at the back, but it was a little smoky for my liking.

Starlite Lounge
3175 India St San Diego, Ca 92103

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