Friday, August 22, 2008

Scary Clowns!

Its week two of the Wilton class, I was instructed to bring another white cake with white frosting. Of course I rebelled again. I'm currently going through a phase of being obsessed with red velvet cake. I'm not sure why, that amount of red color just gives me the creeps, but I cant get it out of my head. I decided to use the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, she's always doing delicious things.

I did try a 'crumb coat' for the first time, which was very good and very worthwhile, I also dipped the spatula in boiling water and smoothed it and was very happy with the finish I got.

I took it to class and we made the scary clowns, which are easier than I thought, deeply disturbing that they are! I had a piping malfunction with a hole in a bag, which I decided would be very cute as silly string!

Please see Smitten Kitchen for the recipe, I followed it exactly and I'm very happy with the outcome, its a delicious cake! My colleagues were also very appreciative!

As you can see, even Tina was quite interested, I guess the cream cheese frosting smelled nice to her.

I'm still hellbent on trying to find a natural colour, I hope I can succeed with beetroot, maybe even replacing a cup of oil with a cup of cooked blended beetroot.

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adozeneggs said...

Glad you chose cream cheese instead of the wilton "butter" cream recipe. I took that class and will never make a clown again.
Try this company, India Tree, they make all natural food colorings. I think they're expensive though.